5 Car Audio Installation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here’s 5 car audio installation mistakes you need to avoid when installing car audio There are definitely more than 5 car audio installation mistakes that need to be avoided. But these are 5 main ones I can think of that I’ve seen several times. (These are in no particular order) 1. Car Audio Installation Mistake … Read more

How to Fix Amp / Speaker Turn On / Turn Off Pop

What is turn on / turn off pop?

A lot of people have probably noticed that after installing a new piece of equipment, you will get a pop in your speakers or subwoofer when you first turn the key on, turn the key off, or sometimes both. There can be many causes of turn on/off pop including amp ground, bad amp, or the order the amp is being turned on or off.

Subaru Grounding Kit

CAA Mobile Installations full copper grounding kit to fix the sub par factory Subaru grounding. 2002-2007 Subaru Grounding Kit $49.75 FREE SHIPPING in US. Grounding kits have been proven to provide several benefits