Car Audio Advice Newsletter Vol. 4

Free Car Magazines… Remember magazines? I used to get Super Street, Import Tuner, and DSport mags all the time. Car magazines these days aren’t as easy to find. But I found some free car magazines you might be interested in. The first isn’t exactly car audio related, but it’s a free car magazine. Free digital archives of PASMAG (yup … Read more

Car Audio Advice Newsletter Vol. 2

Let’s talk subwoofers… Subwoofers (and all speakers) make sound by moving air. Subwoofers just have to move more air than other speakers due to only playing lower frequencies. A low frequency sound is created by moving a lot of air slowly, while a high frequency sound is created by moving way less air very fast. So how … Read more

Car Audio Advice Newsletter Vol. 1

The content below is from first ever ‘actual’ Car Audio Advice Newsletter. If you’re on my email list, you may have seen some emails from me in the past. But I wanted to start more of a newsletter style email with a better structure that’s more consistent. My plan is to eventually send a weekly … Read more

Top Car Audio Myths – By JL Audio

(Preface: This will be one of my lazy posts. I literally copy and pasted one of my emails. If you aren’t on the Car Audio Advice email list, you’re missing out) JL Audio did another awesome Facebook live discussion today. They covered some of the top car audio myths. Myths that even some of the … Read more

Proper speaker installation made simple: 3 steps

I’m sure you’ve heard about how important speaker installation is but get overwhelmed when you try to do a “proper install”. They tell you to deaden your whole door twice… Build intricate door panels or kick panels… CNC machine your own fancy speaker adapters. And while all of that is great if you have the … Read more

Can you recondition a dead car battery?

Everyone has experienced a dead car battery at some point. Before it died, you noticed it was starting to go out. But you didn’t want to cough up the money to replace your dead car battery. So what do you do? Risk it and see how long the dying battery will last? Or… Buy a … Read more

5 Car Audio Installation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here’s 5 car audio installation mistakes you need to avoid when installing car audio There are definitely more than 5 car audio installation mistakes that need to be avoided. But these are 5 main ones I can think of that I’ve seen several times. (These are in no particular order) 1. Car Audio Installation Mistake … Read more