Subaru Grounding Kit

CAA Mobile Installations full copper grounding kit to fix the sub par factory Subaru grounding.


2002-2007 Subaru Grounding Kit



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Grounding kits have been proven to provide several benefits including:

  • Freeing up horsepower and torque
  • Increased gas mileage
  • Improved throttle response
  • Quicker starts
  • Reduced audio noise
  • Smoother idle
  • Smoother power after shifts

This is a true 8 gauge OFC grounding kit with each wire cut to a custom length based off of a 2007 STi but should fit any EJ engine in a GD chassis or similar and most likely even more Subaru or other vehicles including Forester and Legacy. Please contact for fitment on vehicles not listed.




  • Wire: True 8 AWG OFC full copper marine grade wire for  maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance. Has similar conductivity to 4 gauge CCA wire with better corrosion resistance
  • Ring terminals: Full copper ring terminals with better conductivity and corrosion resistance than gold plated terminals
  • 3M heat shrink on each connection
  • Includes everything needed for installation:
    • 5 custom cut lengths of wire for a chain connection that is proven to provide better performance than high cost “circle” grounding kits that connect major engine components all across the engine bay
    • Full color detailed installation instructions
    • Bolt for securing wire to passenger side intake manifold if your car does not have one
    • Nut for securing wire on back of alternator. Easiest alternator mounting of any kit
    • Zip ties to secure wires out of the way



1. Start with wire 1 (long) that runs from the passenger side strut tower to the passenger side intake manifold.

Scrape off paint behind wiring harness bracket then secure ring terminal between the bracket and strut tower.

Run other end of wire 1 to passenger side intake manifold.

2. Secure the other end of wire 1 and one end of wire 2 (short) to the passenger side intake manifold. Use the supplied bolt if your car does not have one in this spot.

Run other end of wire 2 to the throttle body.

3. Remove upper throttle body bolt and connect other end of wire 2 and one end of wire 3 (short) to this bolt.

Run other end of wire 3 to driver’s side intake manifold.

4. Connect other end of wire 3, one end of wire 4 (short), and one end of wire 5 (long) to driver side intake manifold.


5.  Connect other end of wire 4 to the back of the alternator using the supplied nut if your alternator bolt is long enough. If not, loosen the easiest to get to alternator bolt, cut center part of ring terminal off, slide terminal in between bolt and alternator, and re-tighten bolt.

6. Connect other end of wire 5 to the negative battery terminal.

7.  Secure wires using the included zip ties and make sure all bolts are tightened up.

Finished Product


About us:

CAA Mobile Installations is a mobile car stereo business from Southeast Louisiana that knows all about 12 volt mobile electronics and how to improve on them. This exact kit was tested on the owner’s 2007 STi and immediate throttle response and improve idle was noticed. Only the highest quality materials were used in this kit.

Shipping cost included in price. Shipped in a USPS flat rate box to US only. Item will be shipped once payment is received via PayPal

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