How to Fix Amp / Speaker Turn On / Turn Off Pop

What is turn on / turn off pop?

A lot of people have probably noticed that after installing a new piece of equipment, you will get a pop in your speakers or subwoofer when you first turn the key on, turn the key off, or sometimes both. There can be many causes of turn on/off pop including amp ground, bad amp, or the order the amp is being turned on or off.

Lightweight Track Car Sound System

This is for people who have a streetable track car that drive their car to the track and want some tunes for the ride. If you are willing to sacrifice adding a little weight back to your car, you could get some pretty decent sound that you can hear over the loud exhaust and gutted interior.

Selecting Amp Kits

Once you have selected your amp, you need to select an amp kit to wire it into your vehicle. This includes power and ground wire, a fuse, remote turn on wire, RCAs, speaker wire, and in some cases a few extras or a few of these components missing depending on the kit you get.

Amplifier installation kits, or wiring kits, usually include all or most of the things you need to install your amp, but you don’t need the full kit if you already have most of what you need; you can go buy whatever you’re missing separately. If starting from nothing, it’s usually a lot cheaper to get a kit. Also make sure the kit you buy includes what you need. For example: most kits only come with one set of RCAs. This is fine for a sub installation, but you will need another pair if you plan on doing 4 speakers on a 4 channel amp.

What’s in the kit?

KnuKonceptz 4 GA OFC Amp Kit
Check out the KnuKonceptz Kolossus 4 Gauge OFC Amp Kit on Amazon

Amp kits will include the wires, cables, fuse holders, and connectors you need to install your amp. Some include more pieces than others. This 4 gauge KnuKonceptz amp kit (check price on Amazon) includes everything you need to get your system hooked up and sounding good. Cheaper kits can be had, but the wires won’t be true AWG size, will most likely be copper clad aluminum (CCA), won’t carry current as well as good, name brand pure copper kits, and will have cheap RCAs.

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How to Select and Match Subs and Bass Amps

Check out Kicker subs on Amazon

This post will explain how to select a subwoofer and/or a bass amp for your setup. I will cover a few different scenarios:

  1. You have a sub you want to use but need to find an amp for it.
  2. You have an amp you want to use but need to find a sub for it.
  3. You don’t have either and are looking to get both a sub and amp.
  4. You will be adding speakers and a sub and want to find a single amp to power them all.

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