Top Car Audio Myths – By JL Audio

(Preface: This will be one of my lazy posts. I literally copy and pasted one of my emails. If you aren’t on the Car Audio Advice email list, you’re missing out)

JL Audio did another awesome Facebook live discussion today.

They covered some of the top car audio myths.

Myths that even some of the most experienced installers still believe to be true (thanks JBL. Also, why is JBL so similar to JL? hmmmm).

Some that I admittedly believed up until a few years ago.

I was really hoping they would cover my favorite myth.

Hint… they did. It was the second one they talked about.

Now I can write my email about it that I had planned on writing. (I was afraid everyone would call me a moron for believing this – but JL does a great job explaining it.)

Watch the replay at the link below and follow them on Facebook for more of their great videos.

>> Top car audio myths – by JL audio

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TaylorP.S. I don’t really like JL that much for some reason. I used to love them and my first amp and sub were JL. Then I decided they were overpriced and not the best around. Not sure why because they make great stuff. But these Facebook live events they do are awesome and really show that they know what they’re talking about. It’s making me really like them as a company again. Ok, that’s enough of my random JL audio beliefs lol

(Maybe I’m salty that they wouldn’t let me get a dealer account without having a brick and mortar store. Ya know being a mobile only business.)

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