Subaru Grounding Kit

CAA Mobile Installations full copper grounding kit to fix the sub par factory Subaru grounding. 2002-2007 Subaru Grounding Kit $49.75 FREE SHIPPING in US. Grounding kits have been proven to provide several benefits

Lightweight Track Car Sound System

This is for people who have a streetable track car that drive their car to the track and want some tunes for the ride. If you are willing to sacrifice adding a little weight back to your car, you could get some pretty decent sound that you can hear over the loud exhaust and gutted interior.

How to Install and Tune an Amp – With Wiring Diagram

Many people like to save money by installing their parts themselves. It can also be fun and a great way to make sure it is done right. With this guide, I will explain how to install an amp. Whether it’s for subs or door speakers, the connections are still the same.

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