Car Audio Advice Newsletter Vol. 4

Free Car Magazines… Remember magazines?

I used to get Super Street, Import Tuner, and DSport mags all the time.

Car magazines these days aren’t as easy to find.

But I found some free car magazines you might be interested in.

The first isn’t exactly car audio related, but it’s a free car magazine.

Free digital archives of PASMAG (yup they’re still a thing apparently):

>> Click here for free PASMAG digital archives

They say for a limited time, so no clue how long these will actually be available.

The other I found is car audio specific but geared more towards people that work in the industry. 

If that’s you, check it out below:

>> Click here for free Mobile Electronics magazine issues

If that’s not you but you want it to be, here’s my free guide on starting your own car audio business on the side without needing any startup money:

>> Click here to learn how to start a legit car audio business in your spare time with little to no startup costs

That’s right… Start a LEGIT car audio business in your SPARE time with little to no startup costs. 

I’ve been using this exact business model to make extra side cash for the last 9 years.

The only reason I haven’t done it full time is because I have a good paying full time job and I’m scared to quit haha.

I included everything in this guide. From how to get your first customer, to how to become the go-to installer in your area.

Anyway, enjoy the free magazines. If you want physical copies, they seem to still have some decent ones at Barnes an Noble. Not the same old cheesy ricer cars with hot girls on the cover though..

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