Trim Removal Tools Kit

Good ol’ fashioned “panel poppers”



Trim Removal Tools Kit – Nylon Pry Bar Installer Kit, 4 Pc.

Good ol’ fashioned “panel poppers”. Take apart your car without damaging it.
These from Harbor Freight are the best in the biz. They are also some of the cheapest. I am currently on my third set but only because I lost the first one and the second set is finally starting to come apart after 10 years of hard use!

This set of four nylon pry bars is excellent for removing snap-in trim. Made from strong nylon material that won’t scratch or gouge your interior, this pry bar set includes straight, wedge, offset v-notch and straight v-notch angled heads.

  • Strong material won’t scratch or gouge your interior
  • Includes straight, wedge, offset v-notch, straight v-notch


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