Difference Aftermarket Audio Makes and What To Upgrade First

When people ask what to upgrade first, I usually recommend an aftermarket radio. Here’s a great article from Crutchfield Labs showing what difference aftermarket parts make for sound quality and overall loudness in an F150. It proves that an aftermarket deck is the best first upgrade. Combine it with a set of speakers and you’re even better off. Start adding amps and processors… well just check out the tests to see for yourself.

We worked on so many F150s where I worked because they sound like complete garbage. After seeing the stock sound curve, I see why. Just see what a difference upgrading your system makes.



2 thoughts on “Difference Aftermarket Audio Makes and What To Upgrade First”

  1. Hi!
    I saw your website and I wanted to ask you a question, maybe you can help me.
    I want to change my stock navigation with a 8″ one and I saw something from Pioneer. It’s touchscreen and with a 20gb hdd.
    What do you recommend, to keep the stock one, or to try the Pioneer?

    • Pioneer actually doesn’t make an 8 inch screen…yet. I’m not sure if they will, but Alpine recently came out with 8 and even 9 inch screens. But they only fit certain vehicles. Pioneer makes 7 inch screens though that fit most vehicles. What vehicle are you looking to upgrade the nav in? I usually recommend aftermarket parts for not only functionality, but sound quality as well. But with some of these new cars, it’s hard to beat what they come with.


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