Best All-Around Touchscreen Head Unit That Won’t Break the Bank (2016)

This is my recommendation for the best all around touchscreen head unit for a great price considering all the features it includes:

I present the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX (discontinued)

This radio is Apply CarPlay and Android Auto compatible with AppRadio mode available for either phone. This radio will give you full phone support as well as provide you with navigation when your smartphone is connected. Don’t worry, though, it also works great if you have no intentions of using a smartphone with it.

It features 3 sets of 4V preouts as well as your typical backup camera compatibility and video in/out for DVD players or rear seat entertainment.

Sound quality wise it has a 13 band graphic equalizer, auto EQ and time alignment (with optional auto-EQ mic), 24 bit DAC, and FLAC support.

If you don’t want to have to use your phone for navigation, there is also a 6.2″ available with built in navigation for around the same price: the AVIC-5200NEX.

To see all the features of this great product, check it out on Pioneer’s website:

2017 Model Update

The AVH-4200NEX has been replaced with the AVH-4201NEX which is pretty much exactly the same, except for now it comes with a backup camera. For the same price!

If you live in Southeast Louisiana and would like any Pioneer products, feel free to email me at or give me a call at (470) 635-1172.

There is also a new AVH-2300NEX which is similar but does not include backup camera and a couple inputs/outputs are missing, but it does include 3-way network mode now meaning you can fine tune your sound system by running fully active crossovers built into the head unit.

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