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How to Wire Subs: Series/Parallel, Ohms, and Single vs. Dual Voice Coils (With Diagrams)

Probably one of the things people have the most trouble with when installing multiple subs or dual voice coil subs is when it comes to wiring them to the amp. This post will explain what series and parallel wiring is, a little bit on Ohm’s law, the difference between single and dual voice coil subs, and how to wire subs to different Ohm loads.

Random Time: Finding Optimal Shift Points

Welcome to Random Time where I share something unrelated to car audio, but still pretty interesting. Today’s topic is how to find shift optimal points using an excel spreadsheet I made.

Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speakers Review

If you are looking for a low cost set of decent components, definitely add these to your list. For the price, they are great. They deliver decent low end performance, and the big silk dome tweeters deliver natural sounding highs with a relatively low crossover point.

Selecting Amp Kits

Once you have selected your amp, you need to select an amp kit to wire it into your vehicle. This includes power and ground wire, a fuse, remote turn on wire, RCAs, speaker wire, and in some cases a few extras or a few of these components missing depending on the kit you get.