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  1. Ravi


    I am looking of Focal speakers (Front & back) – Please advise which model is good in Focal brand ? & please also advise compatible Amplifier & sub-woofers.


    1. Taylor Post author

      That all depends on how much you are looking to spend. The Utopia speakers are there top of the line. I have never personally heard them, but I’ve heard from some experts that they are some of the best sounding component speakers they have ever heard. I have heard the K2 components and they sound great and cost a lot less than the Utopias. Personally, I wouldn’t get any other models than those, especially their cheaper speakers since you can get much better sound for the price.

      Focal also makes very good amps. If you are looking for high end amps, I would recommend Focal or Mosconi. For more budget friendly amps, higher end Alpine and JL amps are very good.

  2. Ravi Kumar JS

    Hi Taylor :),

    Thanks for your reply…

    To be frank my budget is $597. I am not a professional in selecting the car audio, I would say, enjoy the music. Can you please suggest Best audio/videos Head unit, Front & back speakers, Amps & sub-woofers (with model would be helpful for online shop)

    Your help is highly appreciated.


    1. Taylor Post author

      Ravi, sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

      To get all of those things for less than $600 is going to be tough. To save some money, I would recommend not upgrading your rear speakers and spending money on a better set of front speakers. A lot of people will leave the rear speakers stock for a little bit of fill or completely take them out. This is what I prefer. Here is a list of parts that I would recommend at that budget:

      Head unit: Pioneer AVH-270BT – $200
      Front Speakers: Polk db6501 – $122
      Amp: MB Quart OA800.4 – $100
      Sub: Kicker 40CWR122 CompR – $125
      Box: Vented sub box – $33
      or a sealed box – $32
      Amp kit: Soundquest SQK4ANL – $21

      You could try the vented sub box, but they are a little more finicky when just using a universal one. But it will produce boomier bass. It would be best to get one custom made to the specs your sub recommends. Sealed boxes are more forgiving, and I’ve never experienced a problem with premade ones like this. It is always a good idea to reseal the inside of a premade box though.

      I would use the two channels on the amp for the front speakers and bridge the other 2 channels for the sub. This sub is dual voice coil, so you will have to wire to 4 ohms since this amp is only stable at 4 ohms bridged.

      This comes out to a total of exactly $600. I’m sure you could fork up another $3 for your budget

  3. Codie

    I recently bought
    2x P3D4 12’s and
    2x P3D4 10’s
    Now i need an amp to match up. Not sure which one to go with. Any suggestions?

    1. Taylor Post author

      Well that all depends on how much you are looking to spend. On the budget end, Hifonics make some pretty decent bass amps. I wouldn’t trust the power rating too much though. They are usually pretty overrated.

      I personally like Alpine or JL amps. They are good middle of the road options that are true to their power ratings.

      What are the specs on the subs? Single or dual voice coil? 4 or 2 ohm?


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